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HANDEZE® AUSTRALIA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals and does not disclose any personal details collected from you to any third party. Handeze Australia will limit the collection and use of personal information to the minimum required to provide a superior service to our customers. We therefore maintain the name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, payment and order processing information of customers when they order from us. The information you provide to us is used for billing and delivery purposes and to measure customer interest in our products. You may provide us with your email address so that we can contact you about your order, answer a query or send you information on new products. If you wish not to receive emails you may unsubscribe by contacting us. Your email address is private and we will never sell it to third parties. Handeze® Australia will take all steps necessary to ensure that all information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and stored in a secure environment accessed only by authorized persons. The customer’s privacy and the confidential management of personal information is of paramount importance to us. Handeze® Australia values the privacy and security of your online purchases and only uses the latest encryption software on our site. All information on our website is processed securely and all transactions are encrypted using the best Secure Server Software (SSL) available. You have a right of access to, and alteration of personal information concerning yourself in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Please direct any enquiries on this matter to Handeze Australia by e-mail handeze@handeze.com.au or telephone 08 9752 1845.

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